Ghostwriting : Proposals

ProposalsTo write a business or book proposal, you must

  • Write in the accepted format
  • Write clearly, concisely, and persuasively
  • Have a firm idea of what the recipient is looking for
  • Clearly demonstrate how you will provide those benefits

Here is how they differ …

Business proposals are written for two reasons: to respond to a RFP (Request for Proposal) or to present an idea or product in order to create interest, funding, or a business alliance. The body of the proposal must cover these points: purpose of the proposal, problem or situation to be addressed, goals, methods to be used, anticipated timelines, how you will evaluate effectiveness, and what you need to finish the project.

Book proposals are like resumes; they get you in the door. They also force you to think through, in advance, every aspect of your book. A good proposal tells the editor or agent what your book is about, who will read it, why you are uniquely qualified to write it, whether there is market for this book, what else is out there on the subject, how you will help to promote it, what the chapters contain, and, of course, how well you write.

are important marketing tools. Bobbi Linkemer can help with researching, compiling, or writing your proposal.

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